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Sunflower Seeds in Stool?


Last night I ate a good number of sunflower seeds (no shells) to find them in my stool today. Normally, the only thing I have ever noticed not fully digested would be corn. I've searched around the internet and have found some people have also found this to be true with sunflower seeds.

My questions are 1) why aren't they getting fully digested and 2)if I am finding them in my stool am I getting the nutrients, fat, and protein from them still?

Anyone else experience this here?


The good news is it seems like your metabolism is good.

The bad news is you may want to pay attention to how much you chew.

You are not getting the nutrients when they reach the bowl whole.


I have the same problem with flax seed, sesame seeds when I eat them, sometimes wild rice and corn....


I don't remember eating any corn.


hahaha, oh dang I know what Ill be watching tonight

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I've had the same thing happen. I figure the seeds are hard to fully digest, and you just missed some during the whole chewing thing we're supposed to do


Yeah, I'll be making a conscious effort in the future to chew more thoroughly.


It might help if you chewed them, seriously. If you can recognize them as Sunflower seeds in your shit, you aren't chewing them very well. Nuts are particularly difficult to digest, they are actually enzyme inhibitors unless you sprout them.


grind them up next time

if i eat whole almonds or pumpkin seeds (i eat either of these regularly) they digest poorly

but if i pop them in a food processor to a fairly fine consistency and then scoop them into my food then it's all good