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Sundays are for...


...Swissrugby67 to entertain you with more of the best that the Interwebz has to offer.

**** Warm up ****

1'000 USD to the person who will guess what this advert is for (before the end of course)

What could beat a Walk-In fridge? Well, a Walk-In fridge silly!

Vampire gets arrested.

Drunk driving test fail (No, you haven't seen this one)

Lemme Twitter Dat!

Tampon prank gone wrong. (Shudder, vomit involved).

**** ATTENTION ****

You Tube Classic

Bohemian Rhapsody on old school computing equipment. Remember those oldie printer sounds? Yeah. All that's missing is ripping the sides off the paper :stuck_out_tongue:

**** Cool Down ****

Resurrection by Jesus Christ.
"You've drank his blood, eaten his body now try his cologne!"

Build a fully functioning Wall-E computer case (Pic Log)

Master of Card Tricks

It was my pleasure.



just about as productive as my day or researching poland. :smiley:


I take offense to this statement.

It took me 36 minutes and 21 seconds to find and compile this list. The Swiss consider efficiency somewhat of a national heritage.

Then again, "laziness is the mother of efficiency".


Thank you good sir!


The wall-e thing was pretty impressive.


Did you spend the entire Sunday gathering Youtube links to post on T-Nation? Or did you also take time out of your Saturday night?


The spoof of that heineken walk-in fridge commercial was good.

ahahaha @ old dude trying to take a swig from the breathalyzer, classic!


Good night.



Oh, a few more.

Extreme Golfing

Crazy Flips

Slow Loris (for all you pet lovers)

Like a boss


Where can you get a Loris?


Sunday is for weed.



Anyways, that Scrabble video was awesome.


sunday is for making $114 at the Dockside

and doing homework...ya know if you get around to it.

...which i didnt


Hurl @ tampon prank. That's just wrong lol.

That Wall-E computer is awesome!


The tampon prank...


What a horrendous over-reaction.

I've never understood the revulsion so many men have for menstruation.

WTF it's just blood. Get over it.


Wow swiss I can't imagine how much time you spend on youtube, but posting magic tricks chews hours up for me :confused:

That was a fucking power hurl too. He just sits there and says 'You know I'm gonna hurl' and he looks fine then wham. hahah


I don't actually spend that long searching. In fact, I never "search". I just browse a bit.


Popeye's ran out of chicken. LOL.


Creme that EGG. Another genius waste of time.


Sundays are for masturbation.