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What are some good ways of helping sunburn go away? Other than obvious remedies such as lotions and aloe vera. Any home remedies? Thanks!

I don’t want to sound like as ass but prevention is really the only cure.

I have always found that a hot shower takes the sting away, at least temporarily. But I do not think that it helps it to heal faster.

The redness and sensitivity is caused by capillaries that have burst under the skin. Controlling the temperature can help somewhat (keeping the area cool), but capillaries are going to take their time to heal.

The genetic damage done to melanocytes cannot be healed.

For a mild sunburn you can put white vinegar on yourself. Keep in mind that you’ll smell like a french fry.

I have no science to back this up. I think my mom taught me this when I was a kid.

I’ve always kept a hearty and healthy aloe vera plant around just for burns. A fresh cut of an aloe vera plant seems to really help speed the healing process. I usually go for a fresh aloe plant first, then the stuff that is packaged on drug store shelves in a pinch.

I usually use a sharp blade and slice off the thorns, then butterfly the leaf and smear it all over the burned areas.


Hopefully this isn’t one of those obvious solutions, but HYDRATE. Drink, drink, drink. Nothing but water, nonstop. I usually go through at least a gallon a day, and no less than two after a long day at the beach. It helps.

Depending on how bad the burn is, go see a doctor for some prescription pain meds. Friend of mine fell asleep (okay, “passed out”) in the sun and ended up with second-degrees all down the backs of her legs. Doc gave her some vicadin or codeine, don’t remember which. And that was a weekend before we were diving all week so she couldn’t even take the drugs most of the time-- pulling on a wetsuit over leg burns will teach you a lesson you’ll never forget. End ramble.

If you cut up either an apple or potato and soak them in water, then place the veg/ fruit on your burn they help to cool it down, take the sting out, and provide moisture to the burn. Also putting cold yogurt on your skin to rpovide temporary relief. I have tried both and felt that the first suggestion provided the best relief however, it is time comsuming (to cut them and place them on your skin and than to sit still as they fall off if you move). I have been in your situation too many times and wish you luck esp when it becomes itchy!!! =)