Sun Damage's Training Records

After 4 weeks of inner ear infections, a 10 day long crushing headache, bronchitis, pneumonia and severe vertigo. Heart medication stopped after 4 years. Mild to light vertigo continues as a factor of blood pressure/sit to stand situations.

Changed my workout program from Rippetoe Starting Strength/Practical Programming model 5x5 to 5/3/1 to allow maintaining strength and keep total volume low while I adjust for the next few months.

Height - 5’ 7
Age - 32
Weight - 165 lbs

Maxes used for program:
Squat - 230 lbs (low bar position on Smith, no cage available)
Deadlift - 310 lbs (straps used to reduce forearm strain injuries)
Bench Press - 170 lbs
Press - 110 lbs

Press - 65x5, 75x5, 85x6
Chin Up - 0x5, 0x5, 0x5, 0x5
Close Grip Bench - 65x10, 65x12, 65x12, 65x10, 65x10
Corner Press (each arm) - 30x10, 30x10, 30x10, 30x10, 30x10

Deadlift - 185x5, 210x5, 240x5
Incline Leg Press - 90x15, 90x15, 90x15, 90x15, 90x15
Face Pulls - 25x15, 25x15, 25x15, 25x15, 25x15
(Vertigo agitated so no ab work)

Bench Press - 100x5, 120x5, 135x6
DB Press - 20x15, 20x15, 20x15, 20x15, 20x15
DB Row - 32x12, 32x12, 32x12, 32x12, 32x12
Tricep Pushdown - #11x15, #11x14, #11x12, #11x13, #11x15

Squat - 135x5, 160x5, 180x6
Squat - 65x12, 65x12, 75x11
Rev Ham Ext - 0x16, 0x16, 0x16, 0x16, 0x16
Hanging Knee Raise - 8,7,6,6,5

Press: 70x3, 80x3, 90x6
Pull Up (assisted): -40x6, -40x6, -40x5, -40x5, -40x5
Close Grip Bench Press; 70x16, 70x14, 70x15, 70x14, 70x14
Corner Press: 30x15, 30x15, 30x15, 30x15, 30x15

Deadlift: 220x3, 225x3, 255, 4
Leg Press: 100x20, 120x20, 130x20, 130x20, 130x20
Glute Ham Raise (negative only on floor): 0x6, 0x6, 0x6, 0x6, 0x6
Face Pull: 30x15, 30x15, 30x15, 30x15, 30x15

Face Pull moved here temporarily until vertigo further diminished to allow ab work.

Bench: 110x3, 125x3, 140x4
DB Press: 20x20, 20x20, 20x20, 20x20, 20x20
DB Row: 35x15, 35x15, 35x15, 35x15, 35x15
Tricep Pushdown: #11x16, #11x16, #11x16, #11x16, #11x16

All this upper body weakness will continue until the heart gets stronger and blood pressure adapts.

Squat: 145x3, 170x3, 190x5
Squat: 105x10, 105x10, 105x10, 105x10, 105x10
RDL: 135x10, 135x10, 135x10, 135x10, 135x10
No ab work

First real attempt at Boring but Big for squat. legs heal and adapt faster than upper body so making use of the asset.

Vertigo diminishing slightly, tho continually having to look down to see what weight to use on squat was unwise. Blood pressure high all week at work. Was low at times at home resulting in shut down exhaustion. Will use this next week or two to determine balance that works.