SumoPulls FormCheck!

Yoo guys, having som plans on getting my Sumo-Deadlift up, my Conv.Deads has been stuck for a while and im kinda curious what i can pull sumo if i get my form & teq in.

This i my first “real” Sumo-Workout let me know what you think :slight_smile:

My stats:82 kg/21 Years/171 cm
My Current Conv.Deadlift is around 220kg+ (Havnt Maxed Out in like 15 weeks)

Singles up to 190kg (From Floor)
2x2@150kg from Floor
2x4@150kg from "2.5 Block (Film)
2x1@200kg from "2.5 Block(Belted) (Film)

2x3@150kg From floor

Stiffed.DeficitDeads: ("4 Deficit)

Finshed off with some CalfRaises.

And Ofc it didint work, hope this vid will.

Fuuuuu I hate it when the plates roll off of the blocks! :wink:

I’d try to get your hips closer to the bar at set-up by opening up your hips/knees a bit more. It’s hard to tell from this angle, but you might also be a bit too far in front of the bar at set-up, though it’s also difficult to say for block pulls. This might also help solve the fact that your hips rise out of the starting position a bit early. Maybe even go for a bit of a wider stance, but that’s a personal thing.

I’ve found that doing a shit ton of hip mobility work before training (and a bit every day) has helped me out and ultimately made my pulls much more efficient. I know that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but sumo is highly technical and requires decent hip mobility.

Here’s a great sumo warm-up article I found, featuring IPF lifter Connor Lutz, who sometimes posts here


Ye hate that shieet, almost got my toes killed :wink:
But really thx for your advice and the article man! Really New to this but it Felt kinda good for Trying it out for the first time. But i guess better mobility/flexibilitet & proper Setup & ofc just learning the groove will Add a decent amount of kg:s (Atleast ill. Hope) :slight_smile:

Those articles from Connor Lutz are great resources. I’d suggest reading them both.

It looks like you’re trying to conventional deadlift with a wide stance. and unfortunately it isn’t that simple lol There’s actually a lot of little things that you aren’t doing quite right that add up to an inefficient pull. I’m going to suggest you look at part I of the article kgildner suggested as well and if you have any more questions I’ll try to help but I really think after you read that you’ll have all the necessary knowledge to build a solid sumo deadlift.

Sorry dude, posting the URL didn’t work, I hope you could find the article! As tylerkeen said, the first part is really worth looking at.

Ye found it thanks! Read it like 3 times by now and figured out some stuff i need to improve :slight_smile: