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Sumo VS. Conventional


Which ways do you guys Deadlift. Also does the conventional way get more credit than the sumo, or does it not matter which way you deadlift and it just matters about which numbers your putting up?



I usually lift conventional myself. My wife is a sumo style lifter. I do sumo style as a max effort variation. I am getting much more comfortable with the sumo style and have made some pretty good strides on adductor strength which has helped my sumo pull quite a bit. I may try sumo style at my next meet if I can get a little more comfortable with it.



At powerlifting contests, it does not matter how you deadlift.

Pick the stance you are stronger in to compete. It may take practice to determine which one you are better. If you pull once per week, alternate styles every other week. You will figure it out quickly.



Credibility doesn't matter either way. When you put up big numbers, you put up big numbers (especially since deadlift suits generally don't add much).

I lift conventional.

Many great lighter lifters have lifted sumo with huge success - not as many heavies for some reason (some, but not many).



For what it's worth, all the people I've met who've said that conventional is more impressive have all been major douchebags. Whatever gets up more weight. I'm better at conventional myself, so that's what I do.


I train conventional because that's my weakest lift.

I max sumo because I can put up the most weight that way.


Alright that's sweeet, my sumo style deadlift is 10lbs stronger than my conventional. I think my biggest problem is the technique with the conventional, but I'm working on it and it has greatly improved from just reading some articles on this site about deadlifting form.



I've found that I can pull about 20lbs more using sumo style with less back strain than conventional. I alternate the two styles, though, to bring up my weaknesses. However, I really try to push the big numbers whenever I'm doing sumo.


You'd be surprised how much that's changing. I actually got this email from a friend the other night:

FYI, he's normally a damn good conventional puller, but the suit allows him to sort of squat the weight up.