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Sumo vs Conventional?


Just out of curiosity, what are the advantages/disadvantages to each? Do they emphasize different muscles?
Also, I was wondering the same thing with different squat stances

Why do different people prefer different ones and is it better to use a certain squat stance/deadlift stance/bench grip width or is it just a personal decision?


Sumo is supposed to be better leverage wise if you have a long torso relative to you height. Find the one that works best for you.


I've never pulled sumo before, and i tried it in training for the first time, and matched my best PR for conventional, on my first sumo ever. I've never really liked the idea of sumo, I always thought it was kind of cheating "real men pull conventional" but this is stupid thinking, from a competition stand point.

For me on the next training cycle, I'm going to lower the volume a bit, and do both styles of pull at every weight -warm up-max weight-back down, so if all that added up to 10 sets, I guess I'll be doing 20 sets. This should give me an idea of where I'm at, and which style I'm stronger in. 531 is only 3 week cycle so I'll know at the end of 3 weeks what lift I want to push forward on. This is what I'm doing personaly, I don't know if it will help in your choice, but goodluck.


I'm gonna try it today and see how it feels. Although I have longer legs relative to my torso


First time I pulled sumo I pulled 20 lbs over my conventional when I was pulling in the low 500's conventional, just felt natural to me. Did a great deal of deficit conventional pulls all the time before that. Makes sumo seems like a rack pull.


This is pretty much exactly my experience. I think many people who are built for sumo don't even realize it. I personally train both in three-week alternating sub-cycles and feel as though they both play off of each other.


I also pulled a few pound PR the first time I pulled sumo heavy. Two weeks after that I pulled a 15 kg PR. For reference, I have really long legs and arms and a really short-ass torso.


If you have shitty starting position on conventional like me (as in my back is almost parallel to the ground), you should probably be doing sumo.

Also, sumo presents its own challenges. The sumo vs conventional argument is as stupid as arguing squat width/bench grip width, so do whichever you're better at and don't feel bad about it.