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Sumo Style Deads

Anyone have a good article or video where I can learn how to do this properly. I want see if Sumo is better for me than pulling conventional.

Stay Strong


i learned to pull sumo by watching meet videos …go to iron mind there is a ton of sumo meet pulls there…the trick of the sumo is getting a great stretch reflex getting your hips as low as you can on the drop and pulling BACK hard…bm

Big Martin,

Just to clarify, are you saying to start the lift with the hips low, as in knees bent quite a bit? I have read several sources that say to start with the hips high, but perhaps this is referring to conventional style.

BM I gotta tell you my fav form of deading is Sumo. I pulled my PR of 315 at 155lbs BW last week. Golf season is here so no more PR’s for me.

Did these last night in my ME squat workout and I hit 295. I am not going to say it was easy but I think I could have hit 315. I think I’ll stick with this style as it lets me get my gut out of the way. Thanks to everyone who posted help on this thread. By the way if you have not watched any of the movies on Chuck Vogelpohl you should check them out the man is a machine. Wish there was more stuff online about him.