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Sumo Squat Weight


I'm doing Sumo Squats for the first time and I need an idea of how much weight to start off with. Could someone give me a rough percentage of what Sumo should be vs a regular squat?



Whatever weight you can squat without sacrificing too much form.

Honestly, if you're untrained in sumo why would you assume that you should be lifting some percentage? You can lift what you can lift. If you're not satisfied with that, get stronger.

And a helpful tip: Work your way up. Getting a base PR may take a workout.


I am stronger when I squat with a wider stance so you may be surprised and actually squat more this way.


^ Same for me, squatting close is weaker for me and hurts my knees.


I would start with about 50% and work your way up. Sumo squats put different stresses on your hips, glutes and extensors, among other things, so it's a good idea to work into it and avoid injuring yourself with overly optimistic weights. If 50% feels ridiculously easy, go up but give your body time to adjust to the new to you motion.


thanks for the input... i'll start at 50% and work my way up.



Out of curiosity why did you switch?


wtf is sumo squat???? U mean wide-stance PL squat????