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Sumo Power Rack?


What do you guys think of this? I am going to be getting an apartment soon and I don't want to have to start going to a gym to workout. This looks like I would be able to fit it in any sized apartment. Currently I have a nice setup in my parent's basement, but there is now way I can bring everything.



It would work well and they make good quality products. Only problem is lack of ability to do certain exercises such as rack pulls, pull ups, dips etc. Its impossible in this rack as the support bar is too high and there is no top support bar. A full height rack will (should) fit in any room (7.5ft max I believe). Look into those as they are much more versatile (rack pulls, pull up attachment, dip attachment, etc.)


I have that rack. It a good one but I also have thier squat rack and use it for my benches as well. If it's gonna be just you working out and you don't need tow racks, get the full squat rack with chin bar. Rack pulls, squats, lockout squats bench presses, seated 1/2 presses... you name it, you can do it in that rack.

It makes the rack you sent a link to unsecesary. And it's pretty inexpesive as well.

Check out the "My Gym - Pics" thread in the STRENGTH SPORTS forum under my name. You'll see I have both racks but that's only because many times I'll have someone benching while another squats. It turns out I could've gotten two squat racks and been done with it.


If you're pressed for cash you might as well go for it. If you have more to spend try a rack from elite fitness. EFS will sell you a package with a rack, sled, and a bar w/300 in plates or something for pretty cheap.