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I have a suggestion for all the coaches in the NFL that have a struggling offense line. Why don’t you recruit some SUMO Wrestlers I think they fit the job they are big and all they do is push… What are other people thoughts on this? Am I way off?

Are you kidding? These guys would not have the technical skills to play the position. Granted, they could be taught but an O-lineman actually has to have good foot skills and agility.

Do a little research on how fast some of the lineman in the NFL are. Do you honestly think that any of the sumo wrestlers would be able to block Jason Taylor?

I think it’s a ridiculous idea. Nice try, though.

So…don’t know too much about football…do we?

Several years back some colleges played a football game in Japan. I believe one was Iowa. Anyway, during the trip ESPN showed one of the db’s who weighed about 195 just explode a sumo guy who weighed at least 400 out of the circle. There were like three other football players all diapered up and ready to go, but they stopped the demonstration because apparently it was “disrespectful” that this db crushed this sumo in his own house.

Hear’s my theory Sumo’s Are suppose to be quick. Out of the box, after set position, now I know laterally they might be slow or uncorradinated but what if they learned some SAQ and develop some lateral movement I think they can’t be stopped. Just a thought.

That’s cute, fitone… and giraffes should play basketball because they’re tall, right?

They do not have the agility , nor the stamina.

Wait, if you had about 4 or 5 of them, they could circle around the quaterback, giving him quite a pocket. And they wouldn’t have to be faster - there would be fewer wholes to fill with that much mass on one side. Seriously, though, on average, they couldn’t do it. They train for less than 30 seconds of exertion. But it would be intimidating to line up in front of a 600lb man.

Weren’t the offensive line for the Cowboys back in 1993-1996 weighed or close to that to a Sumo or at least their guts were as big as their’s. I am saying if a SUMO wrestler had or learn some agility wouldn’t they be un stopable? Just a thought…

So it’s a sumo wrestler trained as an NFL lineman. Now I’ve got you. And I’ll bet that he’d be 100 times better just because he was a sumo wrestler as opposed to a truck driver or janitor who was really fat and trained as a lineman. Call me cynical, but this seems to be turning into the Yao Ming thread all over again…

Nope this isn’t turning into a YAO Ming thread. I am just stating it would be easier to train a SUMO wrestler in as o- lineman then a fat truck driver or jantor because they are already expolsive and fast off the line they just need to learn how to move laterally or have more agility then the straight out of the box hands up pushing position…

Note to everyone who is ignorant: One cannot move laterally fast when one weighs 500 lbs. and is fat. The DE’s in the NFL are so fast that the SUMO guy would not even lift up a foot before the DE was past him.

The stupidity of this question makes me yearn for the cosmopolitan sophistication of rural Montana.

If they were superior athletes first. But the training would have to consist of 4 yrs. at the high school level and then 4 yrs. at a major college program. That’s a big committment from a teenager from Japan. my two cents.

Now maybe you could try a sumo wrestler as a hockey goalie? I mean with the pads etc. doesn’t leave a lot of the net open does it?

A traditional Japanese sumo wrestler, though they are far better athletes than people here give them credit (most of them can do balet splits, in a prone position, touching their hands to their toes), would not have the proper overall agility required. HOWEVER, there’s one Bulgarian guy (forgot his name) who’s been reworking Sumo into a far more dynamic sport. He’s rather disliked in Japan because his athletes, who are generally in fantastic physical condition (both in terms of performance and appearance), tend to slaughter the mountains of flesh that are the popular champions in Japan. Now, I’m not saying that his wrestlers would instantly be good at football, but his training methods could possibly improve the games of the offensive and defensive linebackers.