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Sumo Form Check

Just needed some feedback. I just started seriously lifting about a year ago and at 45 I have decided to try powerlifting. I have been pulling conventional but decided to try sumo. 6ft tall 275 and a gut that keeps getting in the way. (Im working on that too!) My first meet is in November. Every thing I have learned and picked up has been off the internet. No coach or training partner at the moment so Im looking for advice from some of you guys that have been around. Thanks!

Video # 2

Video # 2

The last video didn’t show up for me. From what I could see from the first vid, though, things look pretty good. I’d try to focus more on pulling the slack out of the bar and pre-loading the hamstrings/hips before initiating the pull, but I realize this is not always easy with lighter weights (and that looked pretty light for you). I think this would also help you avoid having your hips shoot up too early.

Yeah couldnt get the second video to load. Thanks for the tip. I was working my way up. I did forget to mention that I am training at a commercial gym for the moment so I am using a standard bar. I have been told it will be different with a deadlift bar and I will have more slack to deal with.

I think depending on your fed that it’s also good to train occasionally with a standard bar. IPF and its affiliates use stiff regulation bars (such as the Eleiko power bar), so it’s good to be prepared just in case.

Was that Christina Aguilera music in the background? That is a no go. Looked good just too much jerking at the bottom, makes my shoulders hurt a little to watch. Otherwise it looked good.