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Sumo Form Check


I suck and need pointers. So any advice is welcome


your low back is rounded when you start you pull focus on getting a little bit of an arch. you sit straight down you should always try and get your ass back before you go down


yeah i saw that my back was rounding. I’ll work on sitting my ass back more


I think these will help you a bit



Oh boy… Lots of work needed here.

Starting with an example, here is an excellent sumo deadlift:

So note a few things:
He doesn’t rush his setup, as a beginner you definitely shouldnt.
He sits down FAR, like hips as low as possible.
His back is arched and tight.
Feet should be between 30-45 degrees out.
Knees should be opened really wide. Wider than the feet if possible.

Other things:
Don’t let the shoulders be in front of the bar at the start.
The back should be set tight, arched, more upright than 45 degrees.
The movement should involved driving with legs and back in stable position until the bar is at the knees, where you will begin a hip drive to finish.


thanks for taking the time to help, ill work on these when I get back in town


If you set up with a rounded back, it’ll stay like that throughout the movement. Pump that chest out when you setup. Also hip drive during the lift, fuck that bar mayne