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Sumo Form Check Help?


I’m pretty certain my form is shit since I always get incredibly sore in my lower back for 3-4 days after I’ve deadlifted. Although I don’t find the weight particularly difficult, 286 lbs, my grip is giving up and that’s why you see me having to reset in the video (I’m not allowed to use chalk at my gym).

Would be thankful if you could take a look at the video and critique me.


You’re having to bounce the weight off the floor to get it to move again…might want to just lighten the weight to something you can lift more than twice and build volume. Your form doesn’t really look that bad, other than it looks like you’re having a hard time moving and controlling the weight. Your lower back rounds a bit but again, it’s probably because you’re not in control.

I don’t know about having grip issues so I won’t speak on that.

I personally like to strap up on all working sets, with hook grip on warmups

Check this out^ I think you were kinda far from the bar on some reps, but that video goes into good detail