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Sumo DL Form Check

So I have been working on my technique and to me it looks a lot better. Obviously i dont have that much experience and i feel its easier for other people to see any critiques than myself so any tips would help :slight_smile:

P.S. the weight is about 70%

Your knees are driving forward which means they are going to cave in pretty hard when the weight gets heavy stopping you from getting to lockout.

See if you can get another video around 85% and from the front and direct side.

Based on strictly this video I would suggest focus on driving your knees outwards towards the plates, dropping the hips a bit lower and trying to keep that chest upright.

For 70% it looks pretty darn easy, but form is going to break down at higher %s.

This plus pointing your toes out a bit more, your knees should be in line with your toes. It looks like your toes are pointing straight ahead or very close to it.

Good catch, hard to see due to the black socks, plus I didn’t full screen so I completely missed that.

@louiekirk24 just like @chris_ottawa said turn those toes out a bit more and it should help drive the knees outwards.

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Thanks guys really appreciate it, i maxed out the day before this at 160kg and could of gone higher however you are right i did start to round over. With lighter weights i can get my hips lower, the thing is it feels very uncomfortable and i feel very weak down there. Maybe its a mobility thing and just need to stretch out my hips a bit more and can get into a better position?
P.S. I will get another video of 85% next time i deadlift and post it up here

Just starting with your hips lower isn’t a solution, for that to work you have to open your hips and turn your feet out more. Otherwise you are either going to have your knees further forward or shift your hips and shoulders back both of which are going to put you in a weaker position with no tension on your hamstrings. The way Chris Duffin explained it is that you want you hips as high as possible while being as close to the bar as possible (in the horizontal plane), and with sumo you won’t be able to break the floor with heavy weights if your knees aren’t close to vertical.

So unless you can get your hips closer to the bar there is no sense in lowering them, the first thing I would do is work on opening your hips and turn your feet out. Try the tactical frog stretch, just don’t do it right before training.


Great. Actually I have recently been doing that stretch along with a few others and now i see it has helped a tonne. I look at my old videos and my hips are quite a bit more closed than they are now, so hopefully i can improve that a bit more. I will also point my toes out more which is something i didnt really pick up on. Thanks, if you want to see the improvement from before i will post the video here actually :

It also made my back more vertical which i guess is a positive effect of opening the hips more
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Google “Dan Green Sumo” where he discusses abductor training using block pulls to teach sumo form.