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Sumo DL Form Check



Background: Just when I started to make good progress with my conventional deadlift (about 8 month ago) sciatia that i’ve had on and off for years flared up and has really affected my ability to train and progress my lift.

I’ve played with sumo in the past but want to have a real go at it and see if i can get back to (and beyond) where i was conventional. Sumo feels much better in terms of the sciatica than conventional does but I have terrible mobility and what I guess are poor leverages for sumo…

Here are some videos of some pulls i did today off 1.25" mats.


445lb front view

445 side view

Video 1 shows what I think its good form (although maybe need to have weight more on my heels???)

On the 445 vids the second reps look better to me as i’m able to keep my hips lower - should be able to do this on rep 1 with more practice.

@Vincepac1500 would appreciate your input if you get the chance.


It doesn’t look too bad, your pulling with a more semi sumo style. Your hips are high but it’s more common semi sumo. IDK if you are comfortable going feet almost to the plates or trying to keep it more this style. I made my switch gradual from conventional to semi to sumo. My semi sumo actually looked worst than yours when I go back and look at my old videos. If you are able to go full sumo it will probably help you lower the hips and get your back a bit straighter.


I’m going to transition over to Sumo soon too, I’ve found a few good things I think are worth checking out.

Also check out the tactical frog stretch, will really help open up those hips


Thanks guy. I have tried with feet wider but my lack of mobility means it’s hard for me to get in a good position there.
I’ll stick with semi sumo for now and work on my mobility in the mean time and see if I can get comfortably with feet out more.

Andy, thanks for those, I’ve also heard horse stance is good for helping with sumo stance.


If you check out the free videos Chris Duffin has up on Kabuki.ms hes got a good one there about the tactical frog stuff, its what i’m doing over the next month or 2 until my meet, then I’m making the switch after