Sumo DL Form Check

Hi every one, i used to pull conventional but then i found that i lower back is always tight and stressed. So i changed it to sumo. At the beginning, i pulled more like a semi sumo,stance was pretty close. I felt i still used a lot my lower back, its just like conventional. I decided to widen my stance. This is the second time that i do it although my stance is still not so wide. I just feel something is not clicking, not right. I feel the weight is so heavy that i can’t pull. Can anyone give me some tips?

Here is the vid.

Try opening up a bit wider driving your knees out. Think of your legs as faucet handles and rotate your knees as far away from each other as possible.

Keep driving out the whole way up through to lockout.

I feel like im not using my hips and glutes right now

Another side ankle. 285lb about 60%,65% of 1 rep max