Sumo DL Form Check

Hi every one, just need some advices for my sumo. I used to pull more like semi sumo stance, then i found that i used my lower back a lot. Its almost like a conventional. So i decided to widen it a bit. Now u can see the vids below, still not very wide. Still with in the rings. When i pull, i just feel something is not right and can’t pull as much as before. Can you guys check my form?

Here another one

Thanks all your guys ahead

Hard to tell since you don’t provide a side view. A few thoughts:

  1. Do you do any mobility drills beforehand? (e.g. Joe De Franco’s Agile 8). These help me a lot.
  2. Also, I can’t tell from the video, but do you take the slack out of the bar? I find this is even more important in the sumo since the pull off the floor is the hardest part (relative to conventional)…and even more so as your feet get wider.
  3. You are looking straight ahead throughout the lift. I prefer keeping the head neutral with the spine (i.e. look at a 90 degree angle from the spine).
  4. Last, and certainly not least…the first video that comes up on YouTube after the first one you posted is an 18 minute clip with Ed Coan. I’ve watched it, and perhaps you should too if you haven’t already.

Thanks for your advice. I will post a side angle later. And i did watch ed coan’ video several times, and learning from it

Side angle vid, its 285lb,its about 60%,65% of 1 rep max.

Both shoulders and knees are over the bar. You need to focus on sitting back more. Are you retracting your scapula? (this might help you stay back)

That being said, we are about at the same level (I am 40+ but was very late in the strength game), so hopefully an advanced lifter will pipe in.

I have to say, i do look little stiff in the vid. Probably because of not enough mobility work ahead. It was not my DL day, so i did not warm up fully.

waiting for more opinions to chip in