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Sumo DL Form Check




didn't look that bad to me, although the "Gnyaaaar!" at the top of every rep wasn't necessary


What is your max sumo pull? It is generally not useful to check your form with weights significantly lighter than those you actually work with during sets.

Also, I think you might be the reason that most commercial gyms disallow the use of chalk, so thanks for that.


I thought he was trying to drown out that awful music. Can't really blame him. Then again, I've deadlifted while listening to Los Indios Tabajaras...


lol the people that work their use that shit and make a bigger mess than me


i havent tried maxing out on deadlifts yet, too scared to fuck up my back

and I cleaned it up after lol theyll be okay;


Nevermind the form check. I can't think of a reason why a dude your age ends up training at 2am. You cannot be that busy.

You would've been better off calling it a night a few hours earlier, getting to bed, and hitting the weights the next day. Starting Strength is only three days a week. I'm betting you can find 75 minutes three days a week that doesn't have you lifting after midnight.


I'm curious why you're doing sumo deadlifts for Starting Strength.




I imagine that's true, but it's also a completely different movement from the conventional deadlift, no? I mean, they have deadlift in the name, but otherwise, I don't really see similarities between the two.

Do you have the goal of competing in powerlifting/having a higher meet total? If not, I feel like you may be served better to elevate the plate height instead, at least if your goal is to perform the Starting Strength routine.

All that said, I have a short torso and long limbs, and I find that'd ideal for conventional pulling. You actually tend to see sumo work better with folks with longer torso and shorter legs.


Goal is to just gain more mass and overall strength;

Okay, so ill elevate the plates and try conventional; The pull part of the conventional isnt tough for me, its the eccentric part thats awkward as fuck;


Are you pulling touch and go? Otherwise, I wouldn't really sweat the eccentric. A controlled drop would work just fine, like you can see here

If the concentric isn't bothering you, then no need to elevate the plates. That's more a solution if you're experiencing issues getting into the starting position.


alright, ill do conventional next DL day and upload videos then;

thanks for your help man