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Sumo Deads to Drop or not to Drop

Hey all,

The gym I go to just bought an platform for us to do olympic lifts. So my question is with sumo deads should I drop the weight at the top. I know mot article I have read on t-mag say that when doing deads you should drop it, so should I assume with sumos I should do the same?

If you’re not strong enough to lower the weight safely to the floor you have no business lifting it.

It depends. If you are looking for maximum size gains, you might want to lower the weight (under control) but if strength is what you’re after you can drop it. If you do high reps (8+) dropping it might also be a good idea.

I like to do a controlled drop, where I’m not fighting the bar from falling but just staying attached to it to guide it down.

Hi, B-Dawg. I do a pretty wide stance, and my toes are awfully close to the plates. My only concern with droping weights on Sumo DLs is dropping the darn weight on my toes!!! Myself, I hold on for dear life because I’m trying to build grip strength as well.

Another cool thing you can do is stiff dead it to the floor.