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Sumo Deads After Squats

I’ve been doing a basic lower body/upper body split. On lower body days I basically do a 5-rep ME on the squat, then follow that up with 3 sets of leg presses and 3 sets of split squats with the back leg elevated. I’ve been thinking about replacing the leg presses with sumo deads and using about 70-75% of my 1-rep max for 3 sets of 8. Anyone do sumo deads after squats?

Not often but yes I find that its best to give either of those lifts in the full ROM form there own day but I see no problem with it you can use the DL as an accessory sure could be worse choices.

i pull conventional(my meet style) off blocks once a week after squatting and on my second squat day i dl sumo with a clean grip, great grip and trap/back work. Different from conventional for some reason. i never go above 5 reps.