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Sumo Deadlifts

Hi everyone,

I’ve just started doing sumo romanian deadlifts for the first time. I started off with a similar weight to normal RDLs but noticed that the sumo style was much easier. My question is this: Are you usually able to use more weight with the sumo style variations due to the wider stance or are they meant to be more difficult? Any feedback of your experiences would be appreciated.

Totally depends on your body type and existing strength levels.

Switched to Sumos for a change of pace and saw my numbers drop 40%, I think because of lacking strength in the adductors/gracilis.

With a sumo dl you are really only pulling the barbell a short distance. This is one reason why most people can do more weight.

Woke up this morning and sure enough my hamstrings were killing me! So I guess I pulled enough weight even though it felt “easy” to lift.

I’m still interested in knowing what others have experienced with this exercise compared to normal deadlifts.

I’m no expert, but I personally cannot pull as much sumo as conventional. However, that could be due to the fact I’ve pulled conventional much much more than I have sumo.

I have read that body type will also play a large role. Sumo should tax the hips more.

For myself I lift way more in the sumo style, maybe this style fit even better for those who have long arms(my case).

For example I lift about 2465lb with a clean grip(little finger right over the lines) and for sumo I did 3500lb and It was way much easy than the former.

I personnaly like this form because the load is more balanced, when I do a snatch/clean grip deaclift It’s about 85% lower back that do the job, for the sumo deadlift It’s more a “team” effort.

Keep fighting

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I wanted to say that since doing sumo I have REALLY been able to hit my hip and hamstrings glutes better much like adonall mentions above.

I can also say my lowerback was doing far too much work with conventional. I may have just had bad form but doing sumo’s for now atleast should help greatly.