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Sumo Deadlifts


Well, ive never tried sumo deadlifts before, so i wonder, as i run my 5/3/1 could i use it somewhere in my lower body days as additional exercise to just "get a feel" ?I'm just makin up my template for a new wave.
Any tips on how to do it ? or mayby it is not worth it?


Sumo deadlifts are a fantastic exercise and many people would benefit from them. You may find that you are stronger with them than at conventional. I would definitely do them maybe after squats, keep em light and focus on proper technique. Will definitely strengthen up your hips and if that is lacking could definitely help out your squat.


thanks, sooo... it looks like that

squat 5/3/1
sumo dead 3x8
step up 3x10


I have been pulling sumo after squats, with hopes that it will help my squat


I am not a 5/3/1 expert but to me this looks fine to me. When you do start doing sumos, I wouldn't start with your feet too wide but experiment with many stances.


thank you, certainly i will experiment, i did some warm up sets switching between two styles, and i was quite impressed by the ease that this style gave me.