Sumo Deadlifts Form Check and Critique

Back with yet another form check request for deadlifts (the deadlift and I don’t particularly like each other…)#
This time it is about sumo deadlifts. I currently mainly use sumo deads because a) I can progress faster, b) don’t get as sore as I get from conv. deadlifts and c) my hip is injured and it is one of the only lower body exercises I can do pain free.

I am 6’2" and weigh about 242 pounds. I use straps because I can not fully supinate my hands, so I can not use a mixed grip. If you need any other information feel free to ask.

Video 1 from 30.07.:

Video 2 from 10.08.:

for those 10 days your form has gotten better, but I want to point something out

the point with sumo deadlifting is to use the barbell to pull yourself into position

I don’t approve that rolling thing you do like a strongman (Bennie does it, Brian Shaw does it, I think Eddie Hall does it as well. But they pull conventionalish)

Also, don’t try to have an explosive start. Sumo pulling tends to be slow at the beggining and more powerful at lockout.