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Sumo Deadlifts for Short Guys


Hey guys, im 5'6 195 and im just wondering what you guys think of a short guy trying out some sumo deadlifts. I know taller guys tend to be better pullers, im just looking for a little variety. Do you think i should stick to a regular deadlift, or can i still get a lot out of the sumo?


Woah Woah Woah! I think being 5'6 you have an advantage over a taller lifter, man.

Do deads or be dead biotch!


You can definately get a lot out of sumo - you'll find as you get bigger, it'll be a lot easier to start with hips and spine in a good position with this style of pull.

It's also more hip dominant than back, so it's a good switch to give your back a bit of rest.

You could also ask the guy in your avatar, very knowledgable and willing to help


stick with the one you're most confortable with, it all comes down to leverages.


I'm 6' about 210 pounds, and find sumo way more comfortable. I could never pull conventinal worth a shit, but when I switched to sumo my poundages went way, way up. I have very long legs for my height, so I think it's a leverage thing. Try both, do what works.


I would say sumos are the way to go for a short guy. Im 5'6 on a good day(offically listed at 65.25inches or 5'5 1/4 by the army) and started trying to deadlift again as I am having pain when I squat still(have trigger points in the VMO, Vastus Laterus). Anyhow, I was getting knee pain in when doing them conventional style and my back kept wanting to round, so I switched to more of a sumo style and my poundages soared. I pulled a 305 double yesterday after a 275, 295 doubles before hand. What makes this so awesome for me is that Ive been on the shelf with various injuries for almost 2 years now(only been back seriously since about mid Jan and Im on the 1 lift a day program) and I never hit over 250 on the deadlift before, and that was with a trapbar.
I think it is more comfortable and better overall choice for us shorter guys in my personal experience.


Buffalo, i definately noticed that the sumo is more hip dominant, i did them yesterday for the first time and i really feel it in my hips today. I am a huge fan of the deadlift in general, and i appreciate the responses.