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Sumo Deadlift Video


This was my first time trying to go heavy using a sumo stance. I'm not sure what I would be able to do with a conventional stance, but these felt pretty good.

What do you guys think? Beat me up.


Looks good to me. Nice pull...


Why do you do those pulls in the start? Like, you pull, relax, pull, relax, and then pull the weight. Stop doing that. Also you're rounding your lumbar spine and have nearly no legdrive. Drop that hip.


That is just a rhythm thing I do. It is more mental than anything else. Could you explain why you don't think I should do it?


Seems like a waste of energy.

Your lumbar is rounding. You seem to set a nice arch in your back and then let go of it immediately before you pull.


I don't think I am exerting as much energy as it looks. I know it is an unnecessary habit, but it is a comfort thing. I will work on pulling on my first setup in the future.

Regarding the round: I get the impression that it is an upper back weakness that causes it to happen. I get tight and it happens when I begin the pull. Some deficit works seems like it could help. Thoughts on this?

And, BGoldman, how was week 2 on the bench?


Nice pull, but don't waist your time. You can get more out of the strech reflex if get down to the bar, get a grip and pull. Don't wait there 5-10 seconds, it should take you less than a second get your grip and pull. All you have to take care though when doing this is to stay tight.


Pause the video at 43 seconds and see where your shoulders are relative to the bar. You want to start with your shoulders behind the bar. Try pointing your toes out a little bit and pushing your knees out, bringing your hips down closer to the bar. This will help bring your shoulders back, too.



Pretty Good Article on pulling sumo

Video of forcing your knees out and getting in close with the hips