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Sumo Deadlift Technique

Noticing that when I wedge in to start the pull the bar drifts forward first and then goes up. This is mostly on the first rep which also happens to feel the hardest on my sets.

Is the fix to start the bar a hair further away from my shins? Or is this not particular inefficient or an issue?

Might help a bit. Can you take a picture of your foot angle from the top. I aim to bring the bar along the flat side of my shin. I have a feeling you might have the bar running along more of the front part of the shin.

As I look again i might have seen things and you might be brining it along the flat part

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I think it’s going up the inside surface of the shin bone. I got some bumps and bruises saying so rn lel

I get what u saying tho. Instead of bar further away could try opening up more to put midfoot closer to me. I’ll try it. Since moving my stance out I’ve noticed it’s hard to keep knees out / hips open in a good position consistently. I coulda repped 6hundo but for how sloppy my tekkers were on that set

Hopefully balance doesn’t become an issue either

I find it works better to have the bar slightly away from the shins. It can’t hurt to try.

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