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Sumo Deadlift Pain

I started doing Sumo Deadlifts to try to increase my posterior chain strength and correct my anterior pelvic tilt, as recommended in Mike Robertson’s recent “Hips Don’t Lie” article. (Thanks, Mike.)

I did 2 sumo deadlift sessions in 2 weeks with pretty heavy weight (for me) and then some sprinting last weekend.

Since then, I’ve developed some pain in my left leg/hip joint. If I stand straight up with toes pointing forward and really push my hips forward by flexing my glutes, I don’t have any pain. But if I point my toes at a diagonal angle away from each other and do the same thing, the pain shows up.

Anyone know what I hurt and how I can make it better?

Also, is there something I’m doing wrong that is causing this? Maybe my sumo stance is too open?

Thanks a lot.

Is it a muscular pain??? maybe due to new stimulus on the hip muscles etc or another pain, bone/joint etc…


When I first switched to sumo, my hips would hurt. They stopped hurting after a few weeks, stretching afterwards seemed to help quite a bit.

It seemed like a non-muscular pain, but I’m not totally sure.

I haven’t done any deadlifting in the last week. It seems to have gone away.

I’m going to sumo deadlift tonight and see what happens. I’ll report back. Thanks for the replies.