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Sumo Deadlift - High Pull -- Thoughts?


Was just watching some videos on the crossfit site and came across the "Sumo Deadlift - High Pull"

Video link(.wmv):

Essentially an explosive sumo d/l into an upright row.

I've come across discussions, articles, etc. about pros/cons upright rows. It's easy to say "Well, it's Crossfit approved, so it must be OK." -- I don't know that and wanted to get some perspective from some of the folks who do/did this lift regularly, program designers, and/or therapists :slightly_smiling:



That's pretty gay. Similar to a clean but homosexual, a homosexual clean if you will.

If I was fat and couldn't do real lifts then this would be good but I think the clean is far superior to this lift.


OK! So, that's one for gay. LMAO! I actually spit my drink.

So long as it's homosexual clean and not a homosexual cleansing.......


homosexuals do tend to be clean..


I used to do them after clean & presses.

I feel they hit my upper back and traps pretty well.

But I guess that's homo. So whatever.


Looks like a good exercize to me. Did crossfit invent that one ?


I don't know if Crossfit invented it.

Homo or not, it seems like it would mesh well with Waterbury/Cosgrove types of programs, like Real Fast Fat Loss (RFFL), etc.

Was just wondering about the potential for injury from the upright-row portion of the movement.


I also heard about this from crossfit...planning to add in EDT rotine which I am hoping to start next week..