Sumo Deadlift Help

Hey all I’m new to this website and within the last 6 months I decided to get serious about weightlifting! I was hoping some experienced people would be able to critique my sumo deadlift form as I have hit a plateau and don’t want to injure myself in the future! Recently I have been feeling my lower left back immediately after deadlift and I don’t want to injure myself! Any and all advice/critiques is welcome! Thanks again!


(440x1 fail)

(435x1 rounded back)

I only watched the 435#x1 video. A couple things of note: first, unless you think you injured yourself on the way up don’t drop the weight. It’s kind of obnoxious and if you’re in a commercial gym you’re eventually going to get someone to complain. The two big issues are pulling the slack out of the bar before you start the lift and trying to get a more vertical shin angle at the start. In the vid by the time the weight starts to move the bar has separated from your shins and is unnecessarily far away from your hips.

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There’s a lot to fix up from basic stuff to more subtle nuances. There’s no point like telling you to fix pretty much everything lol

Your decently strong already but don’t be maxing out all the time because you can’t really work on technique when all you can think about it getting the weight up. Maybe lot to work in the 50-70% 1RM range.

I recommend starting with videos on YouTube on how to sumo deadlift and applying each thing you learn step by step slowly and coming back to us for fine tuning.

Here’s a good playlist to begin with. Pay attention to stuff like the set up, having knees out and hips open and generating tightness and tension at the start

Good luck

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Thank you! It’s hard sometimes to watch a video and learn from just that when I don’t have someone who knows what they are doing hovering over me. But I’ll start back from the basics and move from there!

Thank you I’ll pay more attention to that! I’m high school weights and through college all the strength coaches told us it was okay to drop the weight on a max out but not during working sets. I’ll make sure I stop dropping the weight on maxes! I’ll definitely start working on those two points!

Nothing stopping you from discussing individual points here. Also do stuff gradually and one thing st a time or else it’ll be too much in your head

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Your hips are coming up too fast and you are pulling the weight with your low back. You either need to strengthen your legs or focus on leg drive to lift the weight. You might be a better conventional puller if you are back dominant.