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Sumo Deadlift help


Iv tried everything and my form just isn't how I want it and Iv been stuck at 500lb deadlift for at least 6 months and can not get a lb over it.I have extremely short arms and for sumo I can't get my chest up because my ass ends up so low to do so. I also have been trying to do 3" block pulls to learn the ideal position and I can get into the perfect position off the blocks but on the ground I can not get in that same spot at all.

My back tends to round on the sumo and I have very long legs so I have to go wide. It may have to do with mobility but I cant see to get more mobile opening the knees up iv tried a lot and nothing is working really. I get very deep on squats and dont have any mobility issues except this.


5 step horse stance squats for both reps and time. It will help a lot.


I’ve had a similar problem where my back begins to round when the weight gets heavy. My deadlift was stuck at 500 last year so this year I decided I need to strengthen my upper back, glutes and quads. I haven’t tested my max yet but my heavy reps are looking and feeling better. I’m hoping that translates to a big PR later this year. If not, I’ll take the same advice anyone gives you, lol.


How often do you conventional deadlift? We are in the same boat with the short-ass arm syndrome. Two plans I do to help get my sumo moving when im in a slump:

1: (this took me from a 655 pull to 700 in about 7-8 months)
-Stiff leg deadlifting on days I squat, usually in a 4-6 rep range. I go heavy on these and usually no belt
-Heavy back raises, either on squat or deadlift days ( I deadlift and squat 2x a week, 1 dl then squat day, then 1 squat then DL session)
-Pulling off low blocks which you seem to be doing
-Pause squatting heavier sets after I DL
-Alternating heavy squat week/heavy DL week

And before I start peaking my DL I do a 4-5 week beltless conventional cycle:
3x5 the first week 80%
5x3 the 2nd week 85%
8x2 at around 70% as a minor deload
4x2 at week 2 weight plus 20-30lbs

This is all just from my training experience and plans I have laid out and followed for myself, doesn’t mean its the best for everyone but feel free to give these things a try, your form looks good to me for the most part so I didn’t want to get into that but rather wanted to show things that helped me out. Feel free to PM me or ask for a more like detailed DL plan that I’d be willing to lay out for you.