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Sumo Deadlift - Hamstring Emphasis


Maybe this is a pointless question, but here it goes...

Does the sumo deadlift still utilize the hamstrings heavily like in the conventional deadlift? I ask because I'm wondering if it would be necessary to incorporate some other work from the standpoint of preventing muscular imbalance with the hamstrings (like with preventing one with your rear delts/upper back if you were to only bench and do no other upper work), because I never really like incorporating a lot of lower body work outside of squat and deadlift variations, and conditioning/GPP. I still like throwing in some stuff like RDL's and back raises, but I am wondering if they would be necessary to do specifically from the standpoint of preventing an imbalance, as I said.




lol I usually do some GM's or some sumo stance RDL's for precisely this reason. Not a huge deal, but i've benefitted from it.