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Sumo Deadlift Form Help


Hi everyone.
I've recently swapped from conventional to sumo deadlifts as i could never keep my arch and my back would always round when i got to about 85% of my 1RM. I would appreciate if any of you could look at my sumo form, and critique it as needs be. There's a video of one of my warmup sets at 80kg, and my top set of 5 at 135kg. I'm doing the texas method program, so this was my only top set. It seems my hips are pretty low, and maybe my shoulders are a bit too much infront of the bar? i'm not sure...

Sorry the videos are not filmed at the correct angle, i didnt know how to rotate them...



While I too am new to sumo pulling, it appears that your back is dipping at the very beginning of the lift. Work to have the weight close enough to your body that your back won't be dipping and instead will carry the same angle through most of the lift, until you pull through that the top.


This is a great video by Dave Tate he teaches both sumo and conventional.


Thank you for posting that video. I learned a lot from it, namely trying to put my nutsack on the bar, haha.


Try loading the bar, by getting tight and starting the pull as you're getting set up. This takes the slack out of the bar and when you really start to pull, the bar will move smoothly off the ground. You're sort of jerking it off the ground to start, which is allowing your hips to rise up.

When I set up to pull sumo, I get my feet set, then with locked knees I lean over and grab the bar, get my entire back arched and locked into position, then pull my hips back and down while pulling against the bar. With weight under 315, the bar comes off the ground before I'm even fully in position to start the pull.


Thanks Pigeon. I like the idea of starting my pull as i'm setting up, it really makes sense. i'll give it a try and see how it goes... I shall post again after i deadlift on Monday... Cheers


Your knees should be behind the bar at the start. Yours look like they're drifting over it when you set up.

When you lock out, think "hips into the bar" instead of leaning way back like you are now. The finished position is with the torso vertical, hips into the bar, and knees locked, not with the spine hyperextended. Getting your knees behind the bar from the start will help this.


Hi, thanks for all the advice. I've tried to incorporate it into the past two times i've deadlifted... Especially grabbing the bar with the knees locked out, and sitting down into the bar as i begin my lift. It seems to have helped, and my set of 5 at 140kg was quite a bit easier than my set at 135 two weeks ago. Although my knees do seem to be slightly infront of the bar...

Below is a video. Any further advice is welcome!