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Sumo Deadlift Form Check

Hi friends,

Please criticise.

Some pointers I can see for myself: upper back rounding a bit (although my hoodie probably makes it look worse than it is), “not tight enough” and fidgeting too much in the set-up. Anybody else got any tips? What can I do do strengthen those upper back muscles?

This was my last rep of 6 sets of 3 reps of 160kg (which is heavy for me).


Make sure most of the time you’re controlling the weight down rather than dropping it. Eccentrics and exaggerated time under tension are great for building strength and muscle mass.

I’m not a fan of using competition movements as your main mode of volume accumulation, in particular when there are already technical deficiencies. It’s too hard to stay focused on technique when you’re 18 reps into a workout. If 3 sets in you start getting tired and having sloppy technique, half you’re workout was spent practicing BAD technique. Once your technique starts to suffer, move on to something that is a non-competition variation of the main movement and accumulate the remainder of you necessary volume there. “practicing” sub-par form on a rack pull won’t screw things up as much as sub-par form on a sumo pull from the floor.

Just to clarify, when I say “technique” I’m talking about the minor adjustments needed to make the lift as efficient as possible. Under no circumstances would I recommend continuing reps/sets if form has degraded to a point of having injury potential, even if if is not a competition movement.


Thanks @tasty_nate.

I know that there may not be enough information to take from the footage of my last rep, but do you think my technique is particularly bad or dangerous?


What’s with all this “tweet” stuff? That’s my number one concern.

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@chris_ottawa: Im a bird. Bird’s “tweet”.

So what did you think of my deadlift?


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Nothing obvious from the video. Spine looks pretty locked in throughout the whole rep which is the most common issue people tend to have on deads.

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