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Sumo Deadlift Form Check


I’m new to the forums but have gotten good info from reading through other posts.

I started pulling sumo and hook grip 3 months ago (pulled only conventional before that) and I like it a lot more than conventional. I had an impromptu max out day recently so have some vids of warm up, 25kg DL PR of 220 and a miss to look at.

Never tried anything near max on sumo before so the strange feeling of when the bar moves slow caught me by surprise.

Was recorded on my phone so sorry for the potato quality

Thanks in advance for your help.

Nice… warm up lel

Widen stance, get hips closer to the bar and torso angle closer to vertical to cheat DL better by looking up sumo deadlift mobility vids on Youtube. Hook grip and sumo go together like Soviet Sports Supplements and Bodybuilding. @Vincepac1500 pls confirm


You should try to get your hips a bit lower before you start the pull. It may take take away some of your pull now but you’ll pull more pretty quick after adjusting.

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Sacrifice Guinea Pigs/Pets to increase sumo deadlift. You heard it here from the resident deadlift god himself


Is it the lower the better or can it be too low?

You want them as high as possible while still keeping the back as vertical as possible. It’s a bit of give and take to see where you fall.

Maximise mobility/flexibility to get both at once.

If Yury Belkin does it and look at his starting position/pull

I feel like my starting position is very similar to his without stretching

That’s because you’ve been blessed by the gods of sumo too. Maybe you’d be pulling 900+ if you did some stretching lel


800-850 next year to break coans record.

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Surprised that one’s still standing. Has been around a long time.

People gave more of a shit about the 901 @ 220 record. Just sounds so much cooler with neat sexy numbers but that record was smashed a while ago.

A few people are closing in on it. Id like to be the one to break it so I’ll break the 33 year old record not the 1 month old record someone just set even though it’s more

Definitely doesn’t have the same ring to it lel

Time for some Soviet Sport Supplement action or pay someone to beat up the competition


Soz @guineapig. Got distracted lel.

If you want to get “used” to cheat deadlifting at higher percentages doing some higher RPE or AMRAP sets can give a feel for grinding out a sumo because it is a strange feeling to be fair.

Obviously high percentage 1RM pulls would work better being more specific and all but are disproportionately taxing and difficult to program in.

I think it’d be more bad ass to break the 33 one, sure, but it’d be kind of rad to let that guy have the record for the shortest time possible. After YEARS of hard work, someone comes in and takes your record that stood for 33 years prior, that you held for a month. Ha

And with the way you’re heading, you’ll break it more than once for sure