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Sumo Deadlift Form Check

just looking for a form check on my sumo deadlift.

i was supposed to conventional deadlift today but my last warmup set felt slow and not powerful so i decided to try sumo again because i tried it during the summer and i got an easy 315x5. I did 290x2x6 by the way, but i did 7 reps on the first set because either i suck at counting or because i lost balance after that first rep. Here are the videos.

Looking good. Nothing really stands out as wrong. A few small tweaks may help you but you’re on track to make all kinds of gains

Try going wider and/or getting your hips closer to the bar in the horizontal plane in the start position. The wider you go the more hate you get lel

Maybe try to get faster off the floor. Play with different foot/toe angles and how close your shins start to the bar and see if you can get more speed off the floor. Maybe just “trying” to pull faster will get the desired result.

Just because it’s sumo doesn’t mean you have any excuse to be slow off the floor especially with lower percentages like in your vid. That’s more the case for those upright torso sexy sumo looking motherfuckers.

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Technique looks OK, but the weight doesn’t look challenging.

Yea i know i can sumo more than i can conventional, but ive been trying to nail conventional the past few months because the best sumo pullers can pull a ton with conventional too. But my conventional feels so weird and during sumo i can create tension better and bracing feels ok too. Thats why i decided to do it and i might do just sumo for the next fee cycles at least

Thanks for the advice khangles

You need to bump the weight up to see where things start to break down. Next time you pull rotate your elbows into you. It will help tighten the back when you pull more weight. Wasnt a problem in this video but weight is still pretty light

The God of Sumo has arrived: Vince" Belkin"pac1500. Just to clarify do you mean internally or external rotating?

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When I pull somewhere between 800-850 at 181 I’ll take that title lol. I believe it’s called externally Just to clarify turn them towards the bar to face behind you.

I like that he’s using hook grip unless I’m mistaking. I feel that is the only way to sumo pull. Far better position than over under.

You’re GIF famous now congrats

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That feel when you see a fully locked out bar sitting barely an inch above someone’s knees.

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I did some rack pulls from right below my knees yesterday, I’m pretty sure my ROM is still longer than Vince pulling from the floor. It’s not sumo that is cheating, it’s those damn long arms!

It’s like a half rep for me. Life ain’t fair.

Next sumo GIF I’ll include “cheat arm” annotations

You can’t hear but under my breath I say go go gadget arms right before I pull.


You’re not the god of Sumo anymore man. Yury “The Vincepac” Belkin a couple hours ago:

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Easy come easy go look

Great responses from everybody. Started sumo recently myself. Will post up a form check and get some feedback too.