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Sumo Deadlift Form Check

Hey guys,

I’d like to know your opinion about my form.

My main priority is keeping my back flat which seems ok but as you can see, my hips are kinda high, I can’t get very low and upright.

Is this a problem ?

Here’s a triple at 165kgs/363lbs and a single at 195kgs/430lbs (best PR 210kgs/462lbs)

I know I may pull too much with my back but If I try to get all my weight behind the bar and my butt low, my hams and adductors feel really tight and I almost have no momentum to lift big weights. (sorry if I’m not clear)

I don’t really know if I have short/long arms/torso, I used to pull conventionnal some months ago but my form went terrible, lower back rounding and look like a SLDL since my hams are really tight.

ps : only 33lbs plates at my gym, creates a deficit I guess

thanks you guys

I think you are doing good!

You are correct; your hips are too high when you initiate the pull. Best case scenario is to have your shoulders (shoulder blades specifically) directly over the bar when you begin, then “spread the floor” with your feet. I’m not sure what to tell you about your tight hamstrings and adductors. Maybe try pointing your toes out more?

I feel like a big tension when I lower my butt and don’t feel confident to initiate the pull, the bar feel heavier and is even slower off the floor.

If I go to low, my hips will raise before the bar breaks the floor.

Concerning the toes, I may lose my balance at the lockout but I may give it a try.

My stance is pretty moderate though.

Look up chris duffin’s video on how to warm up for deadlifts when he was at supertraining gym. Learning to warm up properly did wonders for my deadlift

Just watched it, looks very nice I’ll give it a try next time thanks !

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