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Sumo Deadlift Form Check


This is a PR, but didn't feel like a maximal lift.


Nice lift. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't part of the reason why you'd pull sumo is so that you can get your hips closer to the bar and remain more upright? To me it looked like a conventional pull with a sumo stance.

I ask because I'm trying to understand, not to be critical.


looked good for the most part man, just a slight hitch but no biggie

just curious do you pull conv at all?


The positioning and movement patterns just feel much more natural than conventional for me. I've done 505 conventional.


I actually usually pull conventional. This was my first time ever pulling hook grip sumo with this stance...haha


That looked pretty easy. Do you have any angled or side shots of your sumo pull?


Try starting the lift with you hips higher. You get into position, and proceed to waist a lot of effort before the bar actually moves. All in all though, strong lift.


500x2 these looked and felt terrible


I'd suggest to try to get your hips more mobile so you can really spread your knees and get closer to the bar. That should help you stay more upright and make the lift more leg/hip dominant. If you look at when the bar just leaves the floor your shoulders are still above your hips so it's ok, just not optimal.


Does your upper back hurt at all after deads? I'm just curious because I haven't seen thoracic flexion to that extent in the people that do use this technique. The most I've seen before was by Konstantine and he straightens out a little bit after initiating the pull. Besides that the hips look to be slightly higher than midway between your shoulders and knees.


I've been working a lot on hip mobility and can try to go wider. I normally train conventional, this was just for fun to see what I could do at a peak. No, my upper back actually doesn't hurt. Felt good enough to go hit 315x3 beltless front squats after this and do some power cleans.


^Damn you have a strong upper back. I'm still working to get there.


Got 550, may have been a slight hitch enough to DQ the lift. I feel like I have 565 in me. Gonna go for it after this next training block after exclusively training sumo and LBBS instead of conventional and HBBS to see how that impacts my lifts.


honestly dude, the form doesnt look bad, i myself have a very similiar sumo pull.

one thing im glad you mentioned, the 315 x 3 on fronts

im currently in the same spot, front squat 385 - sumo dead 650

simply put, its a lack of quad strength from what i can tell

sure, the form may be off but its not that bad, and just the fact front squats are low for the deadlift poundage points to the small problem of form being compounded by weak quads(in comparison)

i started a couple months ago with a 545 sumo dead and a 275 front, the numbers speak for themselves

not a good example because of deficits, but you can see me being rounded over the bar a bit


Hah - case of the good ol' "the blind leading the blind".


dont make fun of my glasses buddy


I just like the fact that it looks like you are training in a dungeon... Ozzy would approve.


Setup looks a lot better in this one I believe. Also think R4O hit the nail on the head by saying quad weakness, I actually posted a link in my original comment that got taken down by a mod, Google "connor lutz sumo deadlift" he has a great article on form and another good one on mobility. Also watch Andrey Belyaev deadlifting, study his form, hang his picture up over your bed, in times of crisis think to yourself "what would AB do?", your deadlift will thank you