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Sumo Deadlift Form Check

Hey all

I’ve been training for just over a year now and recently started getting lower back pain every time i’d conventional deadlift. I had my form checked by some pt’s at a powerlifting gym, had a physio look at my back (I was told everything was fine), I dropped the weight down but it still persisted.

I decided to try sumo, and have been working my way up for a few weeks now. I no longer get any back pain and feel alot more comfortable. I’ve uploaded some video’s from today so please critique away!

100 x 4

120 x 3

140 x 1 (failed lockout)


form -looks- good but there’s an underlying issue, your glutes do no work whatsoever throughout the movement, hence the 140 flying off the floor and just hitting a brick wall in the touchdown region of the deadlift. Words of advice, when hitting your cues at the beginning of the lift just think squeeze your glutes and flex your triceps right before your pull and you should no longer have such a big issue in your dead lockout, especially for sumo stance.

You pull back too soon. Drive with the legs first, back angle is static - bar passes knee - drive hips.

Open the hips wider, forcing the bar to be too far in front.

Engage lats to retract the shoulder back and down.

You are starting from a great point to get to a MUCH bigger number very soon.

Watch at :27

Thanks so much for the tips guys.

So right before the pull i need to sit back a bit more and get really tight?

I’m doing sumo’s again tomorrow so i’ll be sure to film again and put the footage up :slight_smile: