Sumo Deadlift Form Check

Hi, new to the forums and lifting for that matter. Can I get a form check on my deadlifts?

I’m doing sumo because it feels a lot better for me than conventional.


It doesn’t look too bad. Mostly, it looks like you need to get more comfortable and confident with the movement.

Some minor things is with sumo, you want to think more about pushing your knees out than pushing your hips back. Dave Tate explains this ever so eloquently as sinking your nutsack onto the bar haha. Also, are those sneakers? If so, go with some chucks, deadlifting slippers, ballet slippers, or wrestling shoes or anything with a flat hard sole. You can get something decent towards that end for as little as 40 bucks for brand new chucks.

Thanks for the reply. I get what you’re saying about the confidence, I’m constantly worried about my form since PTs come up to me sometimes and tell me my back is rounding so I’m not sure of myself and the movement.

The shoes are adidas originals, they have a flat sole that’s pretty much the same as a converse.