Sumo Deadlift Form Check

EDIT: see last post for recent form check.

Any comments on my form?

This is the heaviest I’ve gone so far after my ACL surgery almost 6 months ago (with the hamstring graft).

Looks pretty good. But you stay “in the hole” for over 10 seconds before you start pulling which makes you miss out on the stretch reflex. Keep your legs straight first, grab the bar, get in position and pull. You’ll be a little stronger.

And you’ve got a really low starting position, like a parallel squat, which is also unnecessarily hard. You do most of the lifting with your legs. I’d move my stance out a little or start with my ass a little higher, hopefully without sacrificing that great arch you’ve got going on.

Yeah I take too long to prepare for each set. Not used to these heavy weights so I take a while to mentally prepare. Will work on that.

I will experiment with a higher hip position. My legs are spread out as wide as possible, toes are 1 inch away from the plates on each side.

My back is very long so thats why I try to lift more with my legs.

Any comments on form? My lower back started to hurt after these sets. Im doing 5/3/1 and I had to skip the BBB after this due to lower back pain :frowning:

Good job on getting ready for the lift faster.

It’s very hard to say anything about your form from this angle but I know that for me, not setting the bar down on the ground between each rep makes me lift more with my lower back.

And was it bad pain? Or the good pain that is to be expected from high rep deads?

I think I was leaning over the bar too much. Thats the curse of this long back of mine. Been trying to bring in the stance a bit so it’s not extreme sumo style, but by doing so it gets hard to lean back enough while reaching for the bar.

The pain wasn’t/isn’t extreme. But enough for me to stop the workout. After these sets It felt like the whole weight was being lifted by my lower back. Not the good pain…

I’ll try resetting between reps to see if that helps. The upcoming week is a deload which is a perfect time to work on my form.

Also: Heia skandinavia, vi er best :wink:

Another one.

On that last set I was experimenting with using the barbell to pull my hips back and down (tip from supertraining tv). It felt easier for my back but it looks like a damn squat.

Any comments?

one quick tip: look at how much you are hyperextending your neck in that video!!! It is extreme. I am sure you are not doing it consciously, and I cannot say that it would contribute to lower back pain, but think of your head and neck as being like your torso (i.e. solid and fixed throughout the whole range of movement). There is no reson to look any higher than straight ahead. I often try not to look up at all, keeping my neck/back of skull in a fixed neutral position with the spine. There are a million things to adjust in deadlifting, so just a thought.

Yeah it`s a bad habit of mine. Whenever I try something new to better my form I sometimes forget the previous things I worked on.