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Sumo Deadlift Form Check

I’m not pulling anything special, especially today when I failed at 440, but I shot some video so I could get some feedback on my sumo form. Any insight is helpful.


Dunno if you noticed this, but on every rep, your right leg straightened out well before your left one did…it seemed to give you some trouble with weight that otherwise was pretty easy.

The music in your gym sucks.

You line up “Off center” every time which causes you to move one side of you body up first trying to maintain the balance. Have a look at your set-up…from the angle it appears that your left foot is about 2 or more inches further away from the plates than your right foot is. which causes you to grip the bar to the left more…

Thanks for the feedback. I noticed kind of the same thing. I’m just coming back from a right knee injury which seems to be playing out. I wasn’t locking my legs out at the same time, either.

What they said and the music sucks .

Looks like some unilateral leg work might be in order if fixing those other issues don’t iron things out.

I don’t pull sumo very often, but one thing I try to do is almost kick my knees into the bar (which also causes my hips to sink) to start the movement. It’s hard for me to explain, but check out this video of Chuck V:

Almost immediately on both of your 440 attempts your hips shoot back, and your legs extend, leaving your back to pick up the slack.

ur legs unstable, id try and correct ur stance…it seems so wide!

[quote]fighterkhan wrote:
ur legs unstable, id try and correct ur stance…it seems so wide! [/quote]

I’m not going to call your stance wrong, but be sure it’s the stance your strongest with. Don’t be afraid of narrowing your stance if you think it will make your pull stronger. I’ve found that the wider I go out, the harder it is to break the ground and the narrower it is the harder it becomes to lock out.