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Sumo Deadlift Form Check


Alright I posted this in my log and thought why not post it here and see what the experienced powerlifters think of my form. It was my first time doing a set without bouncing the bar off the ground and I feel like this will help me in the long run. I would just like some feedback/thoughts/technique help from you guys.


Edit: 405 x 5, current bodyweight of 141 pounds, 5'7


I don't think hyperextending your back is necessary, you've already got the weight up at that point.


141 bw? You're almost reppin 3x bw. Nice.


I second this. It's one thing to do it in a meet and leave no doubt for the judges, but you're just setting yourself up for the same kinds of problems sumo helps you avoid if you do it all the time.


Alright so at the top of the lift just keep my back in a vertical position and I should be fine? What kinds of problems will occur in the long run if I do continue to hyperextend my back?


I know this is regular deadlift but should help anyway


With repeated hyperextension, I would be concerned about unecessary load on the facet joints. Over the long run this can cause facet arthropathy. If the facet arthropathy is severe enough, facet hypertrophy can result in spinal stenosis or narrowing of the spinal canal.



hmm the only things i see that could be fixed,
1 keep your knees out
2 turn yuor toes out more
3 don't hyperextend
4 get tighter
5 stop sumo dling, its cheating

do all but the 5th to improve your sumo Dl.


This was the first thing I noticed as well. I tweaked my back years ago doing the exact same thing in the Sumo. At the top of the lift I try thinking about getting my hips right under the shoulders.


Yeah I'll just stop the hyperextension of my back from now on when deadlifting. I guess I picked it up after watching all the meets on youtube but never figured that guys just did it to ensure their lifts for the judges.

The getting tighter part I've never really understood. I usually approach the bar, exhale, then breath in and grab the bar and then exhale as I ascend on my lift. Any suggestions on that?

Also the toes part has been noted


how is sumo dling "cheating"?


Because some people aren't flexible enough to do it properly, and others don't have the leverages to pull sumo and have a bigger number than their conventional. It's retarded to call it cheating. The whole fucking point of powerlifting is to lift as much as possible, while abiding by the rules. That would be like saying it's cheating to squat with a wide stance in a suit, because it lets you lift more weight. No shit, that's the damn goal.


I am about 100% certain that it was sarcasm. Lighten up folks it's just picking shit up off the ground


Here, yeah it was sarcasm. But I've seen legitimate, 100% serious threads and rants from people who genuinely think sumo DLing is cheating, and the stupidity of it annoys and frustrates me.


yea i was thinkin the same thing. hercs a fuckin idiot hahahahaa.


Update on my form, without hypertending my back I was able to get 8 reps on 405 last Friday


nice lift man, i usually lift both conventional and sumo, but i have yet to lift 405. hopefully by the end of the year, i'll do that.


damn whos that in ur avatar


jenny hendrix


ok i was being sarcastic there, most of the guys at my gym deadlift sumo, the only problem i do have with sumo is the fact that most guys don't lock their shoulders back when sumo deadlifting, i joke about it being cheating but the truth is yuo should do everything possible within the rules to lift the most weight.