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Sumo Deadlift Carryover to Squats?


Hi folks.

What do you think, it's possible to make stronger squats by doing sumo deadlifts?


Yes, slightly. More possible to get your squat stronger by squatting though.


An indirect carryover - but don’t fool yourself into thinking that pulling sumo is a replacement for training the squat. There are no shortcuts!


Just asking. I’ll never stop doing squats, it’s my second favourite exercise after deadlift.

Jim, which type of squat you recommend and also doing? High bar or Low bar?


There is no difference - squat with the bar position that fits your style and allows you to squat the most weight without getting injured. No one who is strong sees an 800 pound squat and qualifies it’s significance by talking about bar position. Strong is strong.


Well, indeed. Thanks for replies.


if you have specific weaknesses the sumo hits (hips,ass) then it will help.

I always heard BOX squats were great for deadlifts however to reverse the topic lol