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Sumo Deadlift and Box Squat as Assistance?

Need advice about sumo dL and box squat. Would you base your starting weight percentages off of your standard dL and squat max percentages? And if so what percentage of your max would you use as a starting weight. Been doing the basic 5/3/1 program and want to add these in. Only training 2 days a week. How would you program them in as assistance exercises? How many sets and reps ?

Set TMs for each lift; your lifts on the other versions should give you a good idea of the range to start the test work up with. I would imagine that these would be considered supplemental lifts and not accessories, so they should probably be programmed as such.

Thank you Gattopardo. And yes I meant supplemental lifts. Could you give a rough idea of % of 1rm. I’m guessing as far as sets and reps 3x10. I’m trying to keep it real simple. Thanks again. Be well.

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Percentage would depend on the 531 template you were using. I hate to be a “buy the book” guy, but, really, the answers for this are in there, and there are a lot of options.

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Thanks again. I do have the book. First edition I believe.