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SUMO DEAD Question

I’ve been doing traditional deadlifts for a couple of years now and am looking for some variation.

Thus, the sumo dead!

Are there variations to this exercise or is it typically done one standard way?

Should it be done regularly?

What are the biggest benefits/advantages to doing the sumo deadlift?

Thanks T-Nation!

also how “hard” is it on your hip when you start lifting closer to 1RM “sans suit” (for us non Power lifters here )
im sure i could a heap more in this lift than conventional but am a little aprhensive due to injury concerns (i have bones like chalk apprently hehehe)

I’ve done sumo deads before and haven’t had any problems with my bones being ground into paste or anything like that. I think you’ll probably be okay. :wink:

As for a different effect, obviously different people are going to feel it in different areas. Judging from the few pics of you (BodyIQ) that I’ve seen, I would imagine that it’ll hit you in the glutes more than a regular deadlift would - but that’s just speculation on my part. (Experienced speculation, but speculation nonetheless.)

The sumo deadlift is more hip/leg drive than conventional. Conventional requires a greater amount of lower back/ hamstring strength. You could alternate every other week between the two.