Sumo Dead, Bench, Low Bar Squat Form Check

Can you guys tell me if my sumo deadlift, low bar squat, and bench form is good? thanks.

[url]Squat - YouTube
[url]Deadlift - YouTube
Bench - YouTube

Bench: your elbows seem to be too flared out. You aren’t a geared lifter, so try to tuck them in more before you injure your shoulders.

Squat and deadlift: both look pretty damn good for the beginner category, although I don’t see why you would use a belt at those weights. Also, try to pause a bit linger on deads to work on your power off the floor.

ok thanks. so my hand placement is good i just need to tuck them in more? pause at the top or the bottom of the deadlift?

Pause a bit more at the bottom. It’s debatable though because I do see a pause at the bottom. A good way to test is to try pausing for one second more and see if you find the second rep and beyond harder. If so, then you’ve eliminated more of the stretch reflex (good thing if your goal is to improve your deadlift).

For the bench, I am hesitating giving you too much advice, since I messed up my shoulders on them when I was younger, so I am hardly the expert. But I just read an article that may help you decide on your optimal width: Bench Press Grip: The Magic Number