Sumo Critique; First Time Pulling Sumo

I have pulled 700 conventional but I am technically built to pull sumo (short arms, long legs, strong hips/legs, short torso, etc.) I have been playing around with it but no one at my gym pulls sumo so I have been kind of blind to the whole thing. First time pulling sumo I hit 605, and then around 2 weeks later I pulled 515 2x3 and 1x6. I just want some form critique/tips on how to make it an easier transition and to hopefully pull 700 sumo as well.
605 single:

first 515 triple:

You are pulling 700 conventional why transfer to sumo , lets see one you conventional pulls at 600 ish . Does weight feel easy sumo , what is your squat and stance, anyway ass to high , a good sumo pull if you let go of bar fall on ass.

I squat 655 in sleeves and 700 in wraps, a pretty wide stance.

Here is my second time doing 700 as I dont have any around 600; I’ve done 700 off camera with a much better lockout.

Sumo feels okay, super easy at the top but difficult at the bottom. I haven’t really tested it yet but 605 seemed fine as soon as it came off the ground. I was wanting to switch to sumo due to the fact that my conventional has been stuck for a few months while my squat keeps going up, and my leverages may be better for sumo than conventional.

Ill focus on keeping my hips down, Ill try it out for a few more weeks and if it gets any better I might make the total transition.


As said above if you’re great at conventionnal why switching to sumo.

Your form looks solid, I tried sumo last months because my form on conventionnal was bad, I enjoyed it but it’s a really tough lift.

The bar is so slow to come off the floor and I don’t have the mobility to come that far back behind the bar and keeping my knees out.

Give it a try and you’ll see, alternating both may be a good thing or you can still train both at the same time

Toes out a little, knees need to be forced out hard (hips externally rotated) get your pelvis down and close (forward to bar), chest up, lats lacked, spread push the floor away. You are trying to pull conventional with a sumo foot placement. Also need to work on those hams. Each video you have posted in my opinion would have been redlighted for soft knees.


I have a hard time straightening my knees even just walking around, but that last conventional was not locked out all the way for sure. How do you recommend I help that?

Thanks for the other tips btw

Do you need to round as much as you do? You look strong enough to not round ? I think that would help with the lock out. That said I feel unqualified to comment as you lift nearly 200lb more than me. Maybe more hypertrophy for the upperback or just concentrate on staying tall.

Impressive lifting btw . The 600lb sumo looks picture perfect to me. I am not sure about things like foot placement. Some more experienced lifters advised me to do a lot of volume work for the adductors when switching to sumo(I can pull around the same as cv being very short) and more volume in general. They were 700lb pullers like you. Well done it is a massive achievement.

Thanks man, its hard because I am the strongest in my area so there isn’t anyone that I can ask about certain things so I decided to make an account here so I can broaden my critique. I am also the only one I know that has even attempted sumo, everyone pulls conventional where I’m from.

Tons of posterior work GHRs, Inverse Curls, and Pull Through. Glutes and hams are lacking and it causes that.

thanks I will work on it. I do a shit ton of heavy good mornings and RDL work but don’t work on the inverse curls or pull throughs. I do GHR once a week after squatting.

Go with ed coan has a you tube how to pull sumo, he sumo, but have tried frog style yet , train them experiment with find out out which best you look young no rush , alaska huh , eat more moose!

GHRs a minimum of 2x week in my opinion and push the volume. Don’t worry about hesvy RDLs and Good Mornings as much. Let the comp lifts take care of that.

Yep, love moose. Its fun to hunt and delicious!

Okay Ill throw in more GHR work and lighten up on the good mornings, that should help. thanks

They don’t necessarily have to pull more weight for you to take some tips gram them. anyone pulling close to you at less bodyweight I’m sure could give you a few pointers.

Like reed said you look like your are pulling conventional with a sumo stance. Keep the back more upright ( it will be harder to break the floor). And really focus on pushing your knees out almost like you want them behind you

Also the small thrust before you pull will cause your hips to come up and pull with your back if your fast to pull after it. Try to come down pull the bar tight and ease it till it starts to lift then fast

I saw a video a month ago where they teaching sumo deadlift by having guy sat on bench, and lean back until knees just a tad behind bar to make sure hips were low enough kind like a box deadlift, i am thinking of trying sumo and frog myself , watch the best in world pull from front and side , if you dont have scrapes on shins your not leaning back enough. Your squat is going up but pull isn’t, as i said before your hips needs to be lower. A freind of mine Anthony Clark (rip bro )would increase his squat and bodyweight but as he increased bodyweight it was harder for him to get to bar basically pulling a 700 stl due to flexibility he was 5’6 320 to 340 first guy to squat 1102 bench 804 . Single ply.