Sumo Bench Press

Add to that, the smaller diameter bar is easier to grip. IMO, grip “power” should be a component of powerlifting. Same bar diameter for all three lifts.

Technically, no. But it should be IMO. That, or just classified as a different lift.

Because then you have people built like an Orangutan locking out below the kneecaps.

It’s legal per federation rules, but sometimes rules are dumb. Tis why we have the ability to ammend laws to correct-course away from unintended consequences, like locking out before the weight leaves the ground.

I can see a rule adjustment that states the bar must be lifted a minimum distance off the ground. Maybe as little as 6” (15cm), though that does seem too little.

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If the judges actually judged it may have stuck around. Check out the difference in these.

"I remember, at the time of the championships in Lima, that Reding in training lifted record weights. He had acquired a terrific strength and huge muscles, but he lost to me, even though he was physically stronger. Why? Serge and I had different ways of training. Others thought for him. He carried out the suggestions of his coach, Dupont. Roughly speaking, Reding took in ‘the science of winning’ though his ears. And this showed when he was on his own with the barbell. But, as for me, I thought for myself. Serge also lost because he wanted to beat me. That’s all he thought about. He worried constantly and burned himself out before he even got to the platform. . . "

-Vasili Alexeyev “The Science of Winning”

Grip width plus arch reducing ROM to near zero.

She’s a DDD cup breast implant away from repping the weight without the bar ever leaving the pins.




A coward’s way out, IMO.

They could rectify the bench press with a little geometry common sense rules.

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A few years ago the IPF was criticized for their ties to Free Masonry. They may be trying to avoid geometry all together.


Triple lol.

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Speaking of limited range of motion…

No knee wraps either.

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That’s pretty dope ngl.

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His bench was just as impressive.

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IPF changes bench rules to eliminate humpback benching.


What’s kinda crazy is that the video of the dwarf lifting above your post actually shows more ROM than the arched bench presses seen in the “not good” examples.

Edit: I realize this is one of the weirder sentences I have ever typed…

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What’s crazy is that people getting redlighted for ‘bench depth’ is now going to be a thing.


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The opposite of ultra-wide sumo deadlift.

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I’m late on this, but I think this is a much needed change.

Still don’t know how I feel about elbows not even breaking 90 degrees, but it’s a start.

Also, I’m all about the term “archcels” - it has been added to the vocabulary for further use!