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Summertime Maintenance


A little background first

5'11 b/w 170 and 175, up from 142 in october (managed to keep all 6 abs, so thumbs up)

lifts are shit squat 245 x 3 dead 295 x 3 bench 215 x 3 weighted pull up BW + 45 x 6, want these all through the roof

I followed a 4 way push pull split for the past few months, put some solid mass on me.

Now I work 4 days on 4 days off with my 4 days on in a little shit town with no gym anywhere. My 4 days off I am able to go to my home gym and am gonna try and hit chest/bi, legs, back/tri while i'm back, all fairly low rep, just trying to hold onto muscle b/c i don't think i can train regularily enough to effectively bulk or cut. I have a good sense of the maintenance calories and will eat around there with at least 1.5 g of protein daily, I have good will power and i can pretty easily control what i eat.

Now as for the 4 days i am in shit town I was thinking of ... bodyweight exercises. I know they won't put size on me, or "tone" me, but i think they are good to keep fit. I can do pushups and probably weight them with a backpack, i have trees to do pull ups and chin ups. I was thinking if i progressively add reps or weight to these bodyweight exercises hopefully I can maintain what I have gained so that next fall i can really blitz on the bulk.

Any suggestions or comments welcome



[quote]supersets wrote:
5’11 b/w 170 and 175, up from 142 in october (managed to keep all 6 abs, so thumbs up)[/quote]

That’s sick work. Congrats.

So is your current goal to increase these lifts or to keep adding size? If you had to prioritize, which would be more important?

Sounds like a tough situation with a rough schedule, but I’d probably do something like:

Day One: Bodyweight Lower
Prisoner squat 2x20-25
Lunge 3x8-10
One-leg Romanian deadlift 3x10-12
Single-leg bridge 2x12-15

Day Two: Rest

Day Three: Bodyweight Upper
A1) Pull-up 4x12-15
A2) Dive-bomber push-up 4x12-15
B1) T-push-up 3x8-10
B2) One-arm backpack row 3x8-10 (load a pack as heavy as possible, treat it like a dumbbell.)
C1) Neutral-grip chin-up 3x10-12
C2) Feet-elevated close-grip push-up 3x10-12

Day Four: Rest

Day Five: Rest

Day Six: ME Lower
A) Front or back squat 6x2-4
B) Romanian deadlift 3x3-5
C) Step-up 3x6-8
D) Random ab exercise 3x8-10

Day Seven: Rest

Day Eight: Upper ME
A) Barbell row 5x4-6
B) Flat bench press 5x2-4
C) Random chest or shoulder exercise 3x6-8
D1) Random biceps exercise 3x8-12
D2) Random triceps exercise 3x8-12

That’s just off the top of my head, so it could certainly be tweaked. With any of the bodyweight stuff, you can slow down the tempo to hit the rep range. The idea behind it would be to do the moderate-rep, “assistance” work on the bodyweight days and go balls-out with heavy work on the home gym days.